About Me

Michele Caron, CPC Executive Life Coach

Michele Caron, CPC
Executive Life Coach

I first learned of the field of coaching in the late 90’s. I researched coaching, and met some prominent and influential life, business and executive coaches. I was impressed. These people were solid individuals, that could back-up their claim: Powerful, non-therapeutic conversations can change lives.

I continued on my career trajectory, however, in medical science and software development. In September of 2001, I had a successful career as software engineer. I was making good money and my job was intellectually challenging. However, September 11 showed me that mental enjoyment and job security was not enough. I wanted my work to contribute to improving the world.

I left my career behind and founded MyLifeCoach.com in early 2002. My Life Coach became Google’s number one Life Coaching site worldwide within a few years. I have since gone on to diversify my business work and am involved in a variety of efforts, all relating to helping people live better lives.

The biggest surprise was, how effective coaching actually is. My clients were making real, significant, permanent gains in their effectiveness, performance, relationships, happiness and fulfillment.

My niche found me: Smart people, in executive and professional positions, and entrepreneurs, with leadership qualities. Often these are people with high analytical intelligence, struggling with stress, indecision, procrastination, lack of fulfillment and/or interpersonal problems, often reaching the level of existential crisis.

I help my clients learn the truth of situations, where to focus their efforts (both internally and externally) and get better results (again, both in internal experience and external, very practical and measurable, results.)

My Approach

I take a highly pragmatic approach to permanent change: Stimulating individuals to grow such that they change at a fundamental level. This is not about a temporary change that gets temporary results. This is about sustained transformation of a person and a life. There are benefits to this kind of growth that you may not expect, but trust me, they are eminently positive and ultimately delightful.

You will find me at once compassionate yet very plain speaking about what I observe. I am highly experienced, and my confidence in what is possible will be very reassuring to you. I have seen it all before, and it is all “fixable”. Although, the truth that you don’t understand yet is, nothing is truly wrong. You’ll see.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in coaching with me, I ask that you complete a short application to help make sure I may be able to help you. If I think I could be a good coach for you, we would proceed with an introductory session where you can see for yourself what coaching with me is like, and you can decide if you wish to continue. I can also answer all of the questions you may have.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you…I know that if you are the right client for me, you have strong character, a sharp mind and unlimited potential. It will be my honor.

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